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Submarine Combat Insignia

On USS Sea Robin's First War Patrol

Griffin, Thomas W.  MoMM2

842-34-39  USNR

was lost overboard   22-Dec-1944

On a training exercise off the coast of North Carolina

Chinnis, Charles W.  RMSN

990 90 19 USN

was lost overboard  22-Oct-1948

USS Sea Robin Shipmates on Eternal Patrol



A Poem

by Robert Harrison

As was the case for many of the US submarines that were constructed during the later part of W.W.II, the USS Sea Robin was to remain in continuous service up to the early 1970's. She, and many other "war veterans" remained extremely active and were vital participants in the National Defense strategy throughout the cold-war years. Many, like Sea Robin served their final years mostly in training roles.

Their numbers gradually dwindled during the later 1950's, but it was not until the 1960's that more modern submarines were operational in sufficient numbers to begin assuming the watch. For the most part, the crews, officers, and commanders of these sleek modern vessels received their initial training and gained essential submarining experience while serving aboard ships such as Sea Robin.

"Those noble ships with sonar blips once fought their way to Glory..."


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The Trade

A Poem

by Rudyard Kipling

Presented here are the details of Sea Robin's Construction ... accounts of her Three War Patrols... a photo journal of the historic Trip Around Cape Horn...continuing on with the Post War Modernization...highlights of her 26 years of Service to Our Country.....concluding with the Solemn Decommissioning Ceremony.


"There is no heaven for old and tired boats...

WWII Ship's Patch

Crew Members Area

Sailing List





        1991 Kissimmee, FL

1998 Groton, CT

1999  Reno, NV

 2000 Groton, CT

          2000  Atlantic City, NJ

2001 Peoria, IL

2003 Reno, NV

     2005  Branson, MO

2007 Groton, CT

      2009 Charleston, SC

        2018 Cleveland, OH 

          2019 Manitowoc, WI  


"We Were Young..."



...Only the memories of the lives shaped within her hull live on."


Photo Album

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USS Sea Robin shipmates, 1944-1970

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