At the conclusion of the war, Sea Robin was transferred to Balboa, Canal Zone. On 15 May 1947, she departed Balboa on a training exercise that would take her on a historic cruise around the tip of South America. Sea Robin would be the first United States submarine to "Round Cape Horn".  The Chilean submarine O'BRIEN first accomplished this task on April 6, 1931.



On 24 May, Sea Robin anchored in Valparaiso, Chile. There followed a round of royal welcoming, as the officers and crew of the Sea Robin were hosted by President Gabriel Gonzalez Videla and his wife. The climax of the first day's festivities was a dinner at the presidential palace. The next day Sea Robin hosted the President and the First Lady for a cruise.



John Harrington TM2/SS was stationed between the tubes when Sea Robin rounded the Horn on 1 June, 1947. Thus becoming the first US submariner to accomplish this feat.



The Sea Robin displays her campaign ribbons. From top to bottom they are: American Theater , Asiatic-Pacific with three gold stars, and Philippine Liberation Ribbon (Combat)



Paul C. Stimson (1947) Sea Robin's Wartime Commanding Office displays their unofficial emblem, symbolizing their historic journey.



H.F Casey, Signalman Second Class, carries the ship's mascot below. Patsy, a member of the crew for some time, takes her station in the control room during diving exercises, otherwise she can be found close to the cook.