This is a directory of my photo collection of the USS Sea Robin.  Credit is given to the contributors, please excuse me if I forgot anyone.  Drop me a line and I will correct ASAP. 

Some of the files are big, but I wanted to get the best detail so the memories are complete.

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This group of official Navy photos taken in Sept. 1944 while the Sea Robin was on her initial sea trials following construction.  I think these were taken for identification purposes.  The details are not very good, but notice that there is no forward 5" gun.  One was added following the second war patrol.  These photos were copied from the National Archive in Wash. DC by Gilbert Bohannon, Jr.


sr11, sr12, sr13

The Sea Robin (SS-407)and The USS Sennet (SS-408) made a visit to Pensacola Naval Air Station in 1949.  It was in conjunction with a Joint Civilian Conference.  Sea Robin is in her post-war configuration, complete with forward 5" gun. Gilbert Bohannon, Jr. came across these as well.


A collection of official group photos taken to commemorate change of commands, advancement in rate, etc.

1945 Pearl Harbor - Victory! -  thanks to Charles Betty.

1948 Panama - Inspection by DIVCOM and 1948 crew - thanks to Les Wicks.

1956 Officers, CPO, Enlisted thanks to Charles "Dusty" Rhoads.

1958 Advancement in Rate thanks to Bob Grumbling.

1964 Advancement in Rate thanks to J. Brad Mooney.

1965 Fully qualified SS thanks to Bob Michaud


Photos of the USS Sea Robin in different configurations

Fleet Boat - May 1944 Launching,  Oct 45 Visiting Galveston, Jan '48 National Geographic, 1950 Sicily.

Guppy1A - 1952 Long Island Sound, Monte Carlo with Tench (57 or 58?), in Monaco again in '63.   Looks like the same guy on the pier. Thames River early 60's, 50's, Malta 1963, Northern Europe Cruise, 1964, Springboard with USS Chivo and alongside tender, Lisbon 1965 with USS SEA OWL SS-405 and USS BECUNA SS-319.


Shipyard picture taken during Sea Robin last overhaul in Philadelphia Yards..thanks to Paul McNerney

PY1, PY2, PY3, PY4


Periscope photographs taken on various deployments...thanks to Jim Pasch:

Soviet Sverdlov Cruiser in Baltic 1967, USS Jonas Ingram (DD-938), USS Charles F. Adams (DDG-2), Freighter Isbrandsten


Some pics of the crew at play...well some might call it something else.

In 1956, USS Sea Robin's Class "B" Dungaree Softball team won the New London Base championship.  They compiled a 13-1 season record and defeated the USS Diablo team 4-0 in the finals.

On a deployement to Northern Europe in the fall of 1964, Sea Robin,  in the company of USS Piper SS-409 made a port visit to Rotterdam.  Early in the trip, we encountered the nuclear merchantship Savannah.   On the way home, nearing the US mainland we entered the Gulf Stream we had time for a mid-Atlantic swimcall.   Testament to the warm waters even though it was late October or early November.  My thanks to George Riddell for these fine photos.

Toulon France '65 Beer Ball Game...liberty was not too exciting.   Cooling in the Shade,  at the beach, again. (Thanks to Bill Gavin for these shots taken by his cousin John Gavin, EN1(SS)

Taranto Italy '65 "Mike-Boat Cafe", San Remo Italy '65.."La Cava"

A very interesting set of photos sent to me by Henry Espinosa.  Sea Robin was in New London and just prior to her Guppy conversion. These appear to be from 1949-1950.

5 inch gun , 40mm mount with Henry Espinoza, 40mm gun crew, 407 coated with ice #1, #2

Much more to be added here.