It has been a PLEASURE for Mary Lou and I and we are gratified by your support, enthusiasm and cooperation. We could not have had more fun, and just seeing everyone enjoying the experiences of the past 5 days was very emotional for me, and others. Let's do it again in 2 years.

Please provide your continued support to Charlie Rhoads as he commences his planning cycle for our next reunion in Charleston Oct. 2009. I'm sure he'll do a great job for you, or die trying.

We had five attendees make an unannounced last minute appearance and still we were able to include them in our programs. Everyone seemed to enjoy their activities and the feedback was ultra- positive. Either that, or you are afraid to tell me otherwise...JUST KIDDING.

I'm humbled by the accolades being heaped on me, BUT the successes we all experienced last week were due in large measure to the efforts and vision of GROTON BASE led by John Carcioppolo, their planning committee, their home-grown logistic support from Submarine Base staff, as well as the CO's and crews of the boats you visited. THEY deserve a large measure of your praise, I just drove the limo to the party and tried to keep you happy during the down-time. Drop the following people a note of thanks and tell "them" of the great experiences you had!!!

John Carciappolo, Groton Base Commander -
John & Lynn Wynn (Application services/badges/logistics) -
Karen Cudzilo SUB FORCE MUSEUM STORE (lanyards/pins) -

For the record...
WE HAD 99 SHIPMATES AND GUESTS attend the festivities.

We slept well last night. The best I've slept in years.

On a more somber theme, "Fred" MONROY'S Care Package is on the way and should arrive on Wednesday. I'm sure he and his family will appreciate the thoughtful expressions or care and concern. He deserves it.

He really was a Shipmate.