For all Legal Transaction, Financial Accounting, Correspondence, and other Operational Requirements, the Association is officially entitled “USS SEA ROBIN ASSOC


1.0       PURPOSE.  The purpose of the Association in threefold:

            1.1.      To maintain an awareness and camaraderie among the former crewmembers, both officer and enlisted, who honorably served on board the United States Navy Submarine USS SEA ROBIN SS407.   

            1.2.       To this end, plan, schedule and conduct a biennial reunion for all living shipmates, spouses, families and friends, widows, together with families and friends of shipmates who are no longer with us.

            1.3.      To provide an opportunity to renew old acquaintances and pay devotional respects to the memories of former shipmates who are no longer on the “Sailing List.”


2.0       ORGANIZATION.  The association shall consist of all former members, both officer and enlisted, and a Board of Officers consisting of four (4) elected members.


3.0       MEMBERSHIP.  Any former member, either officer or enlisted, of the United States Submarine USS SEA ROBIN SS407 is eligible to apply for, and to be accepted for, membership in the Association.


3.1       HONORARY.  The widow of any former USS SEA ROBIN veteran will be awarded an Honorary Membership.  Other Honorary Memberships may be awarded as recommended by the Board of Officers, or any other member, with the approval of a majority of the membership.


3.2       ASSOCIATE.  Any individual who is of good standing in his/her community and who is sponsored by an USS SEA ROBIN ASSOC member may apply for Associate Membership.


3.2.1 Associate members will not have the right to cast a vote in Association business and shall not be eligible to hold office.


3.3      LIFE. Any officer or crewmember, while serving aboard USS SEA ROBIN SS407 participated in a WAR PATROL during WWII




                        4.0       BOARD OF OFFICERS.  This board shall consist of a minimum of four (4) office members.  Namely:    Commander, Vice Commander, Secretary, and Treasurer.  Each elected by a majority vote of the membership present at the biennial meeting for terms prescribed herein.  See Article 2.7 for special considerations.  Elections will be conducted by open ballot by the voting members of the Association present.


            4.1 DUTIES.  The duties of the individual officers are as described herein:


            4.1.1 Commander.  Shall call meetings of the Board as deemed necessary for the good of the Association.  Chair all Board meetings.  Call for financial reports, keeping the membership advised of all items of interest or impacting upon the Association.  Bear responsibility for the contents of the Association newsletter and function as its “Editor.”  Prepare timely reunion announcements to local and national media planners, especially those involved in reunion events.  Continue to broaden interest and enhance membership and attendance.  Preside over all Association meetings.


4.1.2   Vice Commander.  Shall advise the Commander of any matters of interest to the Association and on any matters requiring action by the Board of Officers.  Carry out additional duties as may be assigned by the Commander.  Function in the place of the Commander in his absence.  Be prepared to relive the Commander should the occasion arise.


           4.1.3 Secretary.  Shall maintain an up-to-date “Sailing List” of the membership.  The Sailing List will include full name, address, and phone number as well as time on board USS SEA ROBIN SS407 and any other information deemed pertinent.  Provide the Board and any current member with an updated Sailing List when requested.  Prepare membership cards as required which may contain the signature of the Commander or the Secretary to validate membership status.  Prepare replies to all correspondence from the membership and from any other source as required, with the knowledge and consent of the Commander.  Inform the Commander of any correspondence that requires his personal attention an/or reply.  Maintain an Association” Log of Events” and take minutes of all official meetings and perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Commander.  Prepare and mail, to all paid-up members, an updated Sailing List in January of each Calendar Year.  Annual dues will be received by the Secretary who will record the receipt on the member’s personnel card and pass the moneys on to the Treasurer for deposit.


            4.1.4 Treasurer.  Shall establish and maintain a record of the Association’s financial transactions.  Ensure that all moneys collected are duly recorded.  Establish a checking account under the name of the Association, with authorization for the Treasurer and Commander’s signature.  Provide the Commander with a copy of the monthly bank statements and an annual financial statement.  The statements are to be provided at the biennial meetings of the Association for review and approval of the members in attendance.


4.2       TERM OF OFFICE.  The term of office for each individual member are prescribed below: Elections are to be held biennially.  Any elected officer may succeed himself if it is the desire of those present and voting at an Association meeting.  There is no limit to the number of terms an officer holder may serve.




            4.2.1    Commander – Three (3) years 

                                  PAUL ROGGEMANN


            4.2.2    Vice Commander – Three (3) years   

                                  RICHARD FRENCH


            4.2.3    Secretary – Three (3) years                

                                   PAUL ROGGEMANN


            4.2.4    Treasurer – Three (3) years               

                                   TERRY KLAUSEN



2.5.     AREA REPRESENTATIVES.  At times, due to the large number of members within a specific geographical area, it may be prudent for the Association to appoint a member who volunteers to act as an Area Representative.  The Commander will make the appointment with the approval of the Board.


2.6.     NOMINATING COMMITTEE.  A Nominating Committee consisting of the Board of Officers and at least three (3) additional voting members of the Association shall be formed four (4) months prior to the expiration of any elected office.  The committee shall select candidates, determine their willingness to serve, and report their recommendation at the Association’s biennial business meeting.


2.7.     SHIP’S HISTORIAN.  A Historian may be appointed by the Commander to compile, categorize, and maintain a complete data- base of the Association’s past, present, as well as plans for future events.  The Historian will provide selected books of past and present events for viewing during the biennial reunions.  The Commander may delegate this assignment or may retain the responsibility for himself.


2.8.     WEB PAGE MANAGER.  A Web Page Manager may be appointed by the Commander to develop and maintain a web site for the Association.  Initially, the web site will provide information pertaining to the USS SEA ROBIN SS407and her officers and crew, links to other submarine related sites, and a feedback and communication section.  The Commander may delegate this assignment or he may retain the responsibility for himself.


1.0            FINANCES.  Financial operations are described below:


3.1.     SALARIES.  No officer or member of the Association will be salaried.


3.2.     DUES.  Association dues shall be Ten Dollars ($10.00) for Annual Membership and Ten Dollars ($10.00) for an Original Enrollment Fee making the complete cost for the first year of membership the sum of Twenty Dollars ($20.00).  Dues amounts may be changed by a majority of the voting members present at the Associations biennial business meeting.  Life Membership: under age 62 ($150), age 62 and over ($100)

                     NOTE:  LIFE MEMBERSHIP is an option only for members whose dues are currently paid up-to-date.


3.3.     EXPENSES.  The Board of Officers and reunion planners should exercise care and prudence in insuring that all routine ASSOCIATION business

                     expenditures are paid with funds acquired from annual dues and enrollment fees.  REUNION PLANNING EXPENSES as well as REUNION ACTIVITIES

                     EXPENSES should be projected and the expected costs should be assessed to the attendees.  Reasonable care should be exercised that will result in limited

                     expenditure of ASSOCIATION funds for REUNION purposes. 

                     In the event that ASSOCIATION FUNDS are required in order to resolve REUNION expenditures, they will be documented and submitted to the ASSOCIATION

                     board members.


3.4.     REIMBURSEMENT.  Reimbursement will not be made to any member for personal time, travel, local or long-distance telephone calls or in the preparation of written correspondence or record keeping.  Reimbursements may be paid for actual cost of correspondence supplies, postage stamps, or any other items of a similar nature that may be required to conduct the business of the Association.  Receipts will be required to be submitted to the Treasurer in order to make payment for any reimbursement.  The expenditure of any Association member’s personal funds will be at the risk of the member unless prior approval for the expenditure has been approved by either the Commander or the Treasurer.  No Association assets will be expended to reimburse any Association member for travel or any other type of expense in connection with a reunion.


3.5.     ASSETS.  Upon the dissolution of USS SEA ROBIN ASSOC and after all outstanding financial obligations have been satisfied, the remaining BOARD MEMBERS of the ASSOC will distribute the assets to worthy submarine volunteer organizations whose primary mission is the preservation and restoration of WWII-era submarines. Additionally, historical material shall be turned over to an organization that will preserve USS SEA ROBIN SS407 history. These donations will be made “IN THE MEMORY OF ALL U.S.S. SEA ROBIN SHIPMATES.”

4.0.                     4.0    REUNIONS.  Reunions for USS SEA ROBIN ASSOC members will be held biennially, when possible after the year 2000. The location of each reunion will be at the 

                                discretion of the Board of Officers, taking into account the availability of Association members who reside close to a given area and are willing to serve on a Reunion Organization



5.0.                         5.0 LIABILITY.  The USS SEA ROBIN ASSOC assumes no liability for any deed, action or accident by any member of this Association either in the performance of any official duty or

                              in connection with any activity related to Association membership.